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Meet our 2018 Volunteer of the Year, Sam Allen, who has dedicated his time and skills to Habitat for Humanity, 4-H, the Helena Trap Club and many other causes over the past 20 years.

Video Transcript

Video Transcript

2018 Volunteer of the Year – Sam Allen

SAM ALLEN: It's a huge honor. To me, it means that I went out and I volunteered, that I helped other organizations, that I put them before me. The smiles and the congratulatory high-fives going around, that right there is why I do it.

The other reason I do it is for the kids. I want the next generations to have what I had. I grew up with 4-H and all the sports that Helena had to offer, and I want that to keep going. I want my kids to go through that. I want them to have those opportunities.

DAWN KRAMER: He is very inspiring for our team. He is the person on the team that really gets everybody involved with things, whether it is just a work process or volunteerism throughout the community or within Blue Cross. We have seen a huge influx of volunteer hours on our team since Sam has joined. He makes it fun. He reaches out to everybody. He knows when there's an opportunity available, and really is that catalyst to get the team going.

He does everything. He does taekwondo. He does things for 4-H. He does archery. He's helped with Habitat for Humanity. He never says no to anything. It really does bring him joy and pleasure to help everybody else.

SAM ALLEN: I am the fifth generation on taekwondo as an instructor. I wanted to. I want that tradition and those experiences to keep going. And the joy that I have doing it is well worth it. I love working with kids. It's so much fun.

Here at Blue Cross, it's very flexible. It's what makes it easier to volunteer. They're willing to work on the schedule. Even our events-- you have several of us that come together that we've all bonded over doing little volunteer activities, and it's fun. I look forward to it.

Blue Cross is with us all the time, and they encourage us a lot. That right there is what makes-- having that backing, that support, is the difference between fail and succeed on all volunteer activities.