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Helena Food Share, Myrna Loy Center Reap Benefits of BCBSMT Community Wellness Challenge

Jun. 13, 2015

Helena, MT — One woman dropped from a size 14 to a size 10. Another man lost more than 25 pounds. These are just a few of the real-life losses — or, rather, gains — made by participants in the 2nd annual Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana Community Wellness Challenge.

BCBSMT again hosted the challenge — an activity-based competition to see who could rack up the most active minutes over a 10-week span. BCBSMT and nine other Montana employers participated. Each employer selected 10 employees and one employee from each organization participated on a mixed roster. A BCBSMT employee captained each team.

In addition, the six BCBSMT district offices (Kalispell, Missoula, Great Falls, Bozeman, Butte and Billings) each fielded a team of 10 mixed-employer participants for a total of 160 competitors from around the state.

Each participant was given a Fit Bit Charge activity bracelet to track their moderate- and very-active minutes from March 29 through June 6. The mixed team with the most total active minutes earned the right to donate $5,000 to the charity of its choice. Furthermore, the employer group who racked up the most active minutes also got to donate $5,000 to charity.

After 10 weeks of eking out every possible minute of activity, the results are in, and while two teams stand at the top of the podium, it's the many participants who improved their health as well as two Helena nonprofit organizations who are the real winners.

"This is exactly the intent of the Community Wellness Challenge," said BCBSMT President Mike Frank. "Not only is it a way to promote an active and healthy lifestyle, it's a means to give back to our communities and make a real difference."

With 84,370 minutes, this year's mixed team winner was captained by John Doran, public relations director at BCBSMT. The team included Aimee Muffick of the Student Assistance Foundation, Clair Swain of Lewis and Clark County, Jeannie Davis of the State Fund, Heather Lieberg of the Helena School District, Tim Bury of Morrison-Maierle, Errolyn Lantz of the State of Montana, David Krainacker of St. Peter's Hospital, Joe Moody of NorthWestern Energy, and Sandy Matule of the Montana University System.

The winning team selected Helena Food Share as its $5,000 recipient.

Second place went to Bill Lombardi's team with 65,825 minutes and Jeff Hasskamp’s team finished in third with 62,324.

In the employer challenge, the Montana University System prevailed as champion with 95,424 minutes. The team was made up of Mary Lachenbruch, Leah Tietz, Jessie Bliss, Ruth Anne Hansen, Connie Welsh, Jane Liedle, Laurie Tobol, Sandy Matule, Elaine Gingery and Chelsi Dupler.

Montana University System selected the Myrna Loy Center as the recipient of its $5,000 award.

St. Peter's Hospital finished second with 81,622 minutes and the Helena School District was third with 62,612.

2015 BCBSMT Community Wellness Challenge Full Results

Mixed Team Competition (by BCBSMT Captain)

  • John Doran — 84,370
  • Bill Lombardi — 65,825
  • Jeff Hasskamp — 62,324
  • Bri Gumenberg — 62,198
  • Lynn Etchart — 55,313
  • Frank Cote — 55,067
  • Ginger MacDonald — 51,628
  • Jon Griffin — 50,342
  • Monica Berner — 50,011
  • Karen Diehl — 47,047
  • Michelle Huston — 46,985
  • Mike Frank — 45,709
  • Collette Hanson — 43,594
  • Cheri Copeland — 35,334
  • Chris Giacomino — 34,394
  • Mandy Voight — 25,905

Employer Competition

  • Montana University System — 95,424
  • St. Peter’s Hospital — 81,622
  • Helena School District — 62,612
  • State Fund — 57,010
  • BCBSMT — 47,484
  • Student Assistance Foundation — 44,851
  • NorthWestern Energy — 47,009
  • Lewis and Clark County — 44,298
  • Morrison-Maierle — 39,573
  • State of Montana — 28,896

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