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Beware of COVID-19 Scams and What Members Should Do

April 16, 2020

According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), criminals are using COVID-19 as an opportunity to steal identities and commit health care fraud.  

Why it matters: In some cases, scammers might tell members that they'll send them a COVID-19 test, masks or other items in exchange for their Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana (BCBSMT) health plan ID number or personal information. Members should be wary of unsolicited requests for their ID number or other personal information. 

Members should:

  • Guard their BCBSMT ID card like a credit or debit card, and report immediately if it is lost or stolen. 
  • Check their health care claims summary forms carefully for errors. 
  • Only share their ID card number with participating pharmacists, primary and specialty care doctors or people they trust to work with on their behalf. 
  • Report suspected fraud immediately: Call our Fraud Hotline at 800-543-0867 • TTY 711 • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or report online.

Reminder: Government agencies will never call you to ask for personal information or money. 

Members who receive a call, email, text or mail should ask themselves these questions:

  • Does it come from someone they know and trust? 
  • Does the offer seem “too good to be true?” 
  • Does it make them feel fearful or threatened? 
  • Is there urgency in the message to “act now before it’s too late?” 
  • Is payment requested with the promise to get something in return? 
  • Is personal information requested such as Social Security or credit card number? 
  • If there is any doubt about the communication, delete the email or text, hang up on the caller or destroy the mailer.