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Agency Benefits Officer (ABO) Resources

We are committed to providing Agency Benefits Officers with the tools you need to effectively inform, educate and enroll federal employees. Explore helpful resources, marketing materials and educational events designed to help you manage your Federal Employee Health Benefits Program.

Explore Helpful Resources

Description of resources and educational events designed to help you manage your Federal Employee Health Benefits Program.
Activity Description
Agency Visit Field Service Representative provides an "in-person" visit to a federal agency to provide service to the ABO. For example: provide materials, obtain/update agency demographics, plan for agency employee events, Open Season activities, etc.
Service Day Field Service Representative visits a federal agency to provide one-on-one service to Service Benefit Plan members on site. Service days must be set up in advance and employees must be notified prior to the visit that the Field Service Representative will be in the agency.
Information Booth A Plan sponsored stand or table set up at a federal agency, allowing your Field Service Representative to distribute Open Season information and answer benefit questions. It provides each federal employee an opportunity to speak confidentially with a health plan representative.
Group Meeting Gives federal employees the opportunity to hear short presentations from health plan representatives in a central location. Your Field Service Representative provides agency employees a forum to educate federal employees to better understand claim, enrollment and benefits. A group meeting can be scheduled during Open Season or as needed throughout the year.
Health Benefit and Wellness Events Planning and executing an event at which Field Service representative staffs a booth and talks to employees promoting Wellness Programs and Online Tools, as well as general information about healthy lifestyles, as approved by the FEP Director's Office.
Health Benefit Fair An informational exhibit with other FEHBP insurance carriers to provide Open Season information, literature, benefit information and rates for the coming year. Health Benefit Fairs allow federal employees an opportunity to shop and compare coverage in order to make informed decisions about health insurance carriers. The length of time that should be devoted to a health fair depends on your employees' schedules and needs. Your account representative will work with you to choose a time of day that maximizes the opportunities for the most employees to attend.
Pre-retirement Seminar Field Service Representative provides group meetings at the federal agency to educate employees on how to take care of their needs prior to retirement. Meetings can include information about Medicare, Social Security, Survivor benefits and the National Association of Retired Federal Employees (NARFE). Many times, the meeting can correspond to the NARFE meeting at the agency.
New Employee Orientation An agency meeting for new employees in which the Field Service Representative presents an overview of the Service Benefit Plan, distributes field support materials, important customer service phone numbers and responds to questions from the group. This meeting provides a new employee with the knowledge of who to contact at the Plan with problems, a guide in selecting the proper health insurance carrier, and an opportunity for the Plan representative to meet new employees at the agency.
Open Season Field Service Representative will provide a group meeting for ABOs representing the agencies in the Plan's territory. Usually, this meeting is conducted at the onset of Open Season. ABOs are advised of the new benefits and rates for the coming year. Other FEHBP insurance carriers may also be present at this meeting.

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