Tips for Using a 270 Eligibility/Benefit Request

Apr. 08, 2014

As of Jan. 1, 2014, providers can view benefit summary information for BCBSMT members who have either converted to or are new to our new processing system. However, the benefit summary for these members is not as detailed as providers may be accustomed to seeing.

To request more information about a member's benefits, providers can submit a 270 eligibility/benefit request. A link to the request is provided on the Plan Summary page.

Here are some tips to make the 270 request process quicker and easier for providers:

  1. Providers must enter their National Provider Identifier (NPI) number. BCBSMT's new processing system uses the NPI number to determine how detailed the benefit information needs to be when it generates a response to the request.
  2. Providers have the option to select a specific Service Type. The drop-down menu includes a large list of options including Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Hospice, Maternity, Well Baby Care, etc. Depending on the Service Type selected, the provider will get different results that are tied to the type of service.
  3. Providers must select a Place of Service. Once the service type is selected, providers can choose from a variety of options under Place of Service including Inpatient, Outpatient, Office, etc. The new processing system uses the Place of Service information to determine the details in the response it generates. If providers do not indicate the proper Place of Service, they may not get all the details they expect to see.

BCBSMT is in the process of fine-tuning conversion processes and hopes to provide easier access to detailed benefit summaries in the near future. In the meantime, submission of a 270 request is the best way for providers to view detailed benefit information for converted BCBSMT members.

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