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Group Vision Insurance

Enhance your client's Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana (BCBSMT) medical coverage by adding vision benefits that deliver flexibility, choice and savings.

Vision Benefits Made Easy

Provider Care Access:
National EyeMed Select Network: 102,678 provider access points, 6,224 retail provider locations, 18,355 independent provider locations

In Montana alone: 198 provider access points, 11 retail provider locations, 58 independent provider locations

Online In-Network Options:
Employees can purchase glasses or contact lenses online using Glasses.com and ContactsDirect.com. Both are in-network, so benefits apply at check-out.

Plenty of Choices and Discounts:
Employees can choose frames from their favorite brands. They receive an extra 40% savings on additional pairs of glasses and discounts on contact lenses, LASIK vision correction and more.

Self Service Tools:
Members have 24/7 access to view benefits, download ID cards, find providers, and check claim status.

Fast Claims Processing:
Claims are processed quickly, typically within 10 business days.

Why Your Clients Should Consider Vision Insurance

Vision Wellness
Vision disorders are the second most prevalent health condition in the US1 but 42% of patients would forgo annual vision appointments without insurance2.

Early Diagnosis for Key Conditions
With a comprehensive vision exam, it's easier to detect and prevent vision-related complications for those with high-risk medical conditions, such as:

  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Cholesterol
  • Glaucoma
  • Cataracts

1 Prevent Blindness America, 2019. https://preventblindness.org/.
2 Exploring Beneficiaries' Satisfaction with their Vision Insurance Plan" America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), 2018.

Benefits are available from the EyeMed Vision Care, LLC provider network and are administered by First American Administrators, Inc., independent companies that offer benefits on behalf of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana.

Member Reimbursement Out-of-Network will be the lesser of the listed amount or the member’s actual cost from the out-of-network provider. In certain states, members may be required to pay the full retail rate.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana Vision Care reserves the right to make changes to the products on each tier and the member out-of-pocket costs. Fixed pricing is reflective of brands at the listed product level. All providers are not Premium progressives and premium anti-reflective designations are subject to annual review by EyeMed’s Medical Director and are subject to change based on market conditions. Fixed pricing is reflective of brands at the listed product level. All providers are not required to carry all brands at all levels. Not available in all states. Some provisions, benefits, exclusions, or limitations listed herein may vary.

Last Updated: Dec. 06, 2023