Getting Started With CAQH

First Time Users (If you are not registered with CAQH)

Follow These 5 Easy Steps:

  1. Register with CAQH ProView
  2. Complete the online application and review the data for accuracy and completeness
  3. Authorize BCBSMT access to the information
  4. Verify the data and attest to it
  5. Upload the supporting documents

Note: Registration and completion of the online application is free.

Existing CAQH Users

If you have already registered your CAQH Provider ID and completed your online application through your participation with another health plan, log into the CAQH ProView database and add BCBSMT as one of the health plans that can access your information.

Review to ensure your information and supporting documents are accurate and current, and reattest if necessary.

Note: Please ensure that your primary address is noted as your Montana location.