Request A BCBSMT Provider Record ID

Prior to claim submission, rendering providers must request and obtain a BCBSMT Provider Record ID. The Provider Record ID associates the provider's rendering NPI with their billing NPI and Tax Identification Number.

Note: Obtaining a BCBSMT Provider Record ID does not automatically activate the BCBSMT provider networks. Claims will be processed out-of-network, until the provider has applied for network participation, been approved and activated in the network.

  • If you do not already have a Provider Record ID established with BCBSMT that matches your billing information (Rendering NPI, Billing NPI and TIN), you will need to complete one of the provider record information forms below (Professional Provider or Facility/Ancillary Provider).
  • Once your Provider Record ID is established, BCBMST will forward you a provider contract/agreement.

Professional Providers

Facilities and Ancillary Providers