Recredentialing is performed every three (3) years.

The process of recredentialing is identical to that for credentialing.

If you are an existing user of CAQH, you are required to review and attest to your data once every four (4) months.

  • At the time you are scheduled for recredentialing, BCBSMT will send your name, via its roster, to CAQH to determine if you have already completed the UPD credentialing process and authorized BCBSMT or selected "global authorization." If so, BCBSMT will be able to obtain current information from the UPD database and complete the recredentialing process without having to contact you.
    • Keeping your information current will eliminate recredentialing notices from being sent to you.
  • If your credentialing application (for recredentialing) is not available to BCBSMT through CAQH because you have not completed the CAQH credentialing process — CAQH will mail you a welcome kit that includes access and registration instructions, along with your personal CAQH Provider ID, allowing you to obtain immediate access to the CAQH database via the Internet to complete and submit your application.
  • Upon completion of the recredentialing process, providers are considered approved unless notified otherwise. Notification of the recredentialing decision, other than approval, will be mailed within ten (10) business days of the decision.