New Online Enrollment Process For 835 Eft & Era Through The Availity® Provider Portal

Nov. 07, 2019

A new online Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) setup tool is coming soon to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana (BCBSMT). This new capability will be available in the Availity Provider Engagement Portal using the multi-payer Transaction Enrollment tool. BCBSMT's current online EFT and ERA enrollment option available in our Availity Payer Spaces section will be removed once the transition to the new tool is complete.

This new enrollment capability allows providers to submit their EFT and ERA enrollments electronically to multiple payers at the same time. Providers can also monitor the status of the enrollment using Availity's Transaction Enrollment option.

EFT and ERA enrollment via Availity is easy to complete, without the inconvenience of downloading and faxing or mailing paper enrollment forms. Once the enrollment is processed, providers will receive a confirmation letter acknowledging the enrollment effective date along with other important details.

Advantages of enrolling for EFT:

  • Quicker receipt of payments
  • Greater security – no more risk of lost or stolen paper checks
  • Direct deposit into the bank account of your choice

Advantages of enrolling for ERA:

  • Faster remittance delivery
  • Automatic posting capabilities
  • Designate delivery to a specific clearinghouse or vendor

How to access Availity's Transaction Enrollment Option:

  1. Login into Availity® 
  2. Select My Account Dashboard on the Availity homepage
  3. Select Enrollments Center
  4. Select Transaction Enrollment*
  5. Complete and submit

*The EFT Transaction Enrollments option is only available to Availity administrator and/or users who have been granted access.

Online EFT and ERA enrollment is available to registered Availity users. To register for Availity, simply go to Availity® and sign up today, at no cost. The Availity EFT Tip Sheet  and Availity ERA Tip Sheet located our Provider website are currently being updated to reflect the new enrollment process for navigational assistance.

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