Remember To Complete A Required CAQH Profile When Onboarding New Providers To The Network

Jan. 15, 2021

We are updating the Join Our Network onboarding process beginning February 1, 2021 to improve the processing time for contracting and credentialing new providers.

We have always required a current and complete credentialing application through CAQH to begin the credentialing portion of onboarding. We are now conducting a parallel review of contracting and credentialing to help onboard providers into our network more quickly. It is important that you ensure the CAQH is completed and up to date within the 45-day period or the application will be withdrawn, and you will have to start the process from the beginning.

What is changing: A missing, incomplete or outdated CAQH profile, or failure to release the profile to BCBSMT, will result in the discontinuation of the onboarding process if not completed or released within 45 days. If your request is discontinued for this reason, you will be required to re-start the Join Our Network onboarding process.

More information is available on the Network Participation section of our provider website:

Easy Steps to Join the BCBSMT Network

What is CAQH?

The Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare, Inc. (CAQH) collects the data required for our credentialing and recredentialing process. CAQH uses an electronic database, entitled ProView, to collect the data. This online credentialing application process supports our administrative simplification and paper reduction efforts. This solution also supports quality initiatives and helps to ensure the accuracy and integrity of our provider database.