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I have a question about membership.

I have a question about buying health insurance.

I have a question about updating my health plan account.

I have a question about payments.

How can I learn more about my benefits?

You can log into Blue Access for Members 24/7 to access your benefits information or Call the Customer Service number on the back of your BCBSMT ID card.

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Are my medical records kept private?

Yes. We are committed to protecting your medical records, and have strict rules to make sure our staff and anyone who needs to see your records keep all your member information confidential. Your medical records or claims details may have to be reviewed. If so, precautions are taken to keep your information safe. In many cases your identity, such as name and address, will not be included in the information given during the review.

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Has my coverage started? Can I use my health plan?

Your first premium payment activates your coverage, so you can start using your health plan within 1–2 days of making your payment, depending on how you pay.

After you've made your first payment and your coverage is activated, you can have health care expenses during that coverage gap applied to your deductible, or even get paid back for some services. In this case, the coverage gap would be the time between your requested effective date and the date you make your first payment.

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I need to get a prescription filled but don't have my ID card yet. What can I do?

Even if you haven't received your ID card, you should have received a new member welcome letter within days of your enrollment being completed. Your member identification and group number listed on your welcome letter can be used by the pharmacy to verify your benefits. You will need to pay your first premium payment before you can use your prescription benefits.

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I applied on the Health Insurance Marketplace, but haven't heard if my application has been received and accepted. Did my coverage start on the effective date I requested?

We receive new applications from the Marketplace every day. If you applied through the Marketplace, it will take a few days for processing through the Marketplace before they are sent to us. It then takes us about 5-10 business days to process your enrollment in the BCBSMT system.

If you just applied recently, we encourage you to wait to see if you receive your membership information soon. If you applied weeks ago and have not received anything from us, it is possible your application has been held up for some reason.

If you applied on the Health Insurance Marketplace or with BCBSMT online and you have not received information from us, call our Customer Service Center at 800-447-7828 and we will look up the status of your application. Our call volumes are still very high, so you may have to hold for a long period before getting through. We will help you as quickly as possible.

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When will I get my member ID cards, and how many will I get?

You should get your member ID cards in the mail soon after your application is approved. Individual plans will get 1 card and family plans will get 2 cards. Please note that all member ID cards will have only the subscriber name on it, but can be used by all of the dependents enrolled under the policy.

You can print a temporary ID card and request additional cards through your Blue Access for Members account. You will need your member identification number and group number to log in to Blue Access for Members. These numbers can be found on the new member welcome letter you will receive within days of enrolling.

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I received my ID cards in the mail but they only have my name on them and not my spouse's. Can I get another ID card with their name on it?

Your member ID cards will only have the primary subscriber's name on them, but they can be used by all of the dependents (in this case your spouse) enrolled under your policy.

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When will I get benefit coverage information and the contract on the plan I selected?

Within days of your application being accepted, you will receive a welcome letter from BCBSMT that includes your member identification number and group number. This information can be used by providers and pharmacies to verify your coverage until you get your member ID card. Your ID card will be sent separately soon after.

Your policy information is available through your Blue Access for Members account once your plan is in effect.

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I've gotten a call from someone asking me questions about my new coverage. Is this person with BCBSMT, and why are they asking these questions?

Since you have new coverage with us, we want to make sure you understand your benefits and that we have the information we need to help you with your health care needs. We are calling to:

  • Explain how your plan works
  • Answer questions you may have, and
  • Tell you about some of the services we offer to help manage your care and your coverage.

We also check to make sure the information we have is correct, such as the names of everyone on your plan, your address and other details.

The call often only takes about 15 to 20 minutes. If you have any concern that the person calling you is not with BCBSMT, ask the caller for a number you can use to call us back.

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When I try to register for Blue Access for Members, I get a message telling me it's not available. When will it be available for me to register?

You may have received this error message during your registration for a number of reasons. Many times, the information you entered may not have matched the data in our system. Please remember to have your group and member ID numbers handy when you register. Both of these numbers can be found on your welcome letter and your member ID card. Register now.

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I missed the open enrollment deadline. Can I still buy health insurance?

In most cases, you can only sign up for a health insurance plan during the open enrollment period. If you missed open enrollment, you may be able to enroll during the special enrollment period. To be eligible, you must have had a qualifying "life event" within the past 60 days or experienced other complications that did not allow you to complete your enrollment . Learn more about special enrollment.

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I bought my health plan on the Health Insurance Marketplace. How can I make changes to that account or profile?

This Contact Guide PDF Document has the phone numbers and instructions you’ll need. Find the change you’d like to make, then learn where to get started.

I received a letter from Equian (formerly Trover Solutions) saying they have partnered with BCBSMT to investigate my medical claim. Should I respond to the letter?

BCBSMT and Equian have partnered to review the medical claim listed on your letter to determine if another person or insurance company should be responsible for the claim. The claim we are investigating may be for treatment you received from an injury experienced at work or from an auto accident.

The information we are requesting is important. It could help to get back money that should be paid by someone else, like another insurance carrier. This process is one of several tools used by BCBSMT to help control rising costs of health care. Call the number on the letter to answer the claim question.

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What are my options to pay my premium?

Here are convenient ways you can pay your bill.

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BCBSMT drafted my bank account twice. When will I get my money back?

We sincerely apologize for our error in drafting your bank account twice for your premium payment. We had two active policies for you in our system, which pulled your records twice when the automated drafts were processed. We have corrected the error in our system, so this should not happen again. We will mail a refund check for the overpayment amount within 5 days of the error. If you don't see it soon, please give us a call. In addition, if you had overdraft fees as a result of the double billing, please contact us so we can refund these charges as well. You can reach us at 800-792-8595.

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I applied for a plan on the Health Insurance Marketplace and also applied for a plan directly with BCBSMT, so now I'm getting a bill for both. How do I cancel one?

We cannot process a cancellation request for a Marketplace plan. If you want to cancel your Marketplace plan, you can call the Marketplace at 800-318-2596. If you want to cancel our off-Marketplace plan, we can process that cancellation for you. Call Customer Service at 800-447-7828. You can also log in to your Blue Access for Members account and send us a secure email message.

A policy will also automatically be cancelled for nonpayment if you don't pay the premium. This may be your best option. You would simply pay the premium for the plan you want to keep and not pay the premium for the plan you want to cancel.

Members can log in to their Blue Access for Members account from a desktop or mobile browser for more information about benefits, claim status and more.

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* BCBSMT has contracted with a third-party vendor, Alacriti Payments, LLC, to process your ACH/electronic check payment. In order to process this payment, you will be redirected to Alacriti's secure payment site, OrbiPay. If you have any problems with your payment, please contact BCBSMT customer service at 800-447-7828.