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Blue Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan 

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Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans are identified by the letters A, B, C, D, F, G, M and N. Each plan covers a different set of costs.

  Basic Benefit Option Comprehensive Plan Option Innovative Plan Options Budget-Conscious Plan Options Available for Newly Eligible Before 1/1/2020 Only
  Plan A Plan G Plan G Plus High Deductible Plan G Plus High Deductible Plan G3 Plan N Plan F High Deductible Plan F3
Basic Benefits ✔  ✔  ✔  ✔  ✔ 
Skilled Nursing Coinsurance   ✔  ✔  ✔  ✔  ✔  ✔  ✔ 
Part A Deductible   ✔ 
✔  ✔  ✔  ✔  ✔ 
Part B Deductible             ✔  ✔ 
Part B1
  ✔  ✔  ✔  ✔      ✔ 
24/7 Nurseline ✔  ✔  ✔  ✔  ✔  ✔  ✔  ✔ 
Routine Hearing Exam ✔  ✔  ✔  ✔  ✔  ✔  ✔  ✔ 
Foreign Travel2
  ✔  ✔  ✔  ✔  ✔  ✔  ✔ 
Vision     ✔  ✔         
Dental     ✔  ✔         


Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans complement Original Medicare. If you’re eligible for Medicare, you’re also eligible for a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan.

If you’re at least 65 years old, you are eligible if you are:

  • Enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B, and
  • A resident of Montana.

If you are under 65 and disabled, you are eligible to apply once you have been informed of your eligibility for Medicare by disability.

Enrollment Periods

You can enroll in a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan during the six-month open enrollment period that starts once you’re 65 and have Medicare Part B. This six-month open enrollment period is the best time to enroll because it’s the only time when enrollment is guaranteed. If you want a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan after the open enrollment period, you may have to meet certain requirements and could pay more for the plan.

Guaranteed Eligibility

As long as you are 65 or older, have Medicare Part A and are within the six months following your enrollment for Medicare Part B, your acceptance is guaranteed. If you are under 65, have Medicare Part A and are enrolled in Medicare Part B, your acceptance is guaranteed within six months of your Part B effective date or another qualifying event. If you are on Medicare under age 65, you will also have a six-month open enrollment period when you reach age 65. If you are turning age 65, were previously enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B, and apply within six months of turning 65, your acceptance is guaranteed. 

Premium Discounts

A BCBSMT Medicare Supplement premium discount may be available. Read the eligibility criteria to see if you qualify. If you are eligible for a discount, the discount will be applied to your next bill and remain in effect as long as you are enrolled in your BCBSMT Medicare Supplement Plan. Discounts cannot be combined; only one type of discount per member is permitted.

Eligibility Criteria

Household Discount

You may be eligible for a discount if you enrolled in a BCBSMT Medicare Supplement policy issued with an effective date on or after May 1, 2022, and you either:

  • Reside with a spouse or domestic partner; or
  • Have resided with as many as three adults age 60 or older for the last 12 months.

Continue with BlueSM Discount

You may be eligible for a discount if you were enrolled in commercial group or individual coverage with a Blue Cross and Blue Shield plan issued in Illinois, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, or Texas and that coverage was within one year of your BCBSMT Medicare Supplement policy becoming effective. This applies to BCBSMT Medicare Supplement policies issued with an effective date on or after May 1, 2023.

Introducing a New Plan G Option: Plan G Plus

Beginning April 1, 2022, Blue Medicare Supplement Plan G (standard and high deductible) will have plus options. Plan G Plus plans will have the same medical coverage as their regular versions. They will also have additional benefits and programs included so members can get more out of their Blue Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan. Additional benefits and programs include dental, vision, hearing, and fitness.


Preventive Services

  • Cleanings, 2x per calendar year
  • Oral exams, 2x per calendar year
  • Dental X-rays, 1x per calendar year

Oral cancer screening, 1x per calendar year

Extractions (unlimited)

Restorative (fillings), 1x per tooth per calendar year












Routine exam with dilation, 1x every 12 months

Eyeglasses or contact lenses
(conventional & disposable)


Remaining balance after $130 allowance


Remaining balance after $65 reimbursement


Routine exam, 1x every 12 months

Advanced hearing aid member fee with recharge

Premium hearing aid member fee with recharge


$699 per aid

$999 per aid

Fitness Access to the SilverSneakers® program
Benefit Description Member Pays
Member Pays

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Rates as of 05/01/2023. Rates are illustrative only. Actual rates are based on your age, where you live, and your choice of coverage. Please do not send money, you cannot obtain coverage under the above plans until an application is completed and approved. Benefit exclusions and limitations might apply.

Important Information About Quotes for Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

Quoted prices are based on the criteria specified during your search. This illustration is subject to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana's rating or underwriting and approval, as appropriate, and does not guarantee rates, coverage or effective date. Furthermore, rates are subject to change if any of the information you have provided changes when and if a policy is approved. In addition, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana reserves the right to change rates from time to time. 

  1. Not to exceed any change limitation established by the Medicare program or state law.
  2. Plans cover medically necessary emergency care services needed immediately because of an injury or illness of sudden and unexpected onset, beginning during the first 60 days of each trip outside the U.S. There is a deductible of $250 and a lifetime maximum benefit of $50,000.
  3. Plan F also has an option called a high-deductible Plan F. This high-deductible plan pays the same or offers the same benefits as Plan F after one has paid a calendar year $2,700 deductible. Benefits from high-deductible Plan F will not begin until out-of-pocket expenses are $2,700. Out-of-pocket expenses for this deductible are expenses that would ordinarily be paid by the policy. These expenses include the Medicare deductibles for Part A and Part B, but do not include the plan’s separate foreign travel emergency deductible.
  4. Plan N requires a copayment of up to $20 for office visits and a copayment of up to $50 for ER.





Last Updated: March 01, 2023