Who We Are

For Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana, health care is deeply personal. It’s also inherently local – like us. With nearly 600 Montana-based employees, we serve more than 300,000 Montanans, including our friends, neighbors, and our very own families. Our purpose is to make health care more affordable and accessible by driving innovation, building healthier communities, and delivering excellent service.

Network Advantage

Members can obtain efficient and cost-effective health care not only at home in Montana but also when traveling or living anywhere in the U.S. In fact, 98.5% of all Montana providers and 100% of all Montana hospitals are part of the BCBSMT PPO network.

We invite you to search the largest network of doctors, dentists and hospitals and other health providers with the online Provider Finder®.

Upstream Health: Standing with Our Members

Social determinants of health impact population health and increase health care costs. Our strategic financial contributions address social pillars like food security, mental wellness, and substance abuse in communities across Montana through targeted, upstream investments in like-minded community partners. We invite you to read more about how BCBSMT is making an impact in upstream health in order to improve quality and reduce long-term costs.

Managed Locally

BCBSMT has been part of Montana for more than 80 years. We are a born-and-bred Montana company and are dedicated to serving the state with access to one of the world’s leading health care companies. We have offices in Billings, Bozeman, Great Falls, Kalispell, and Missoula, and we’re headquartered in Helena. In an ever-changing health care system, we’ve stood the test of time.

Innovation and Accessibility

Accelerated by improving technology and the COVID pandemic, where and how people access medical care is changing. In a rural state like Montana – with limited specialists and where people sometimes drive hundreds of miles to see a doctor – these changes are making health care easier for Montanans to access. BCBSMT is leading the charge by investing in technology and supporting doctors to ensure our members are providing the highest quality care at the best cost with the highest satisfaction rates.

BCBSMT is committed to continuing to expand virtual care options and to provide a patient’s medical team with the information they need about the patient to make the very best care decisions, which helps our members achieve better health all while keeping costs in check.

Focused on Making Health Care More Affordable

Across Montana, our value-based care programs are making significant impacts on the cost and quality of health care, reducing utilization, eliminating unnecessary and ineffective services, improving preventive screening rates, enhancing provider communication, lowering costs for our groups and members, and making Montanans healthier.


Last Updated: Oct. 05, 2023